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Covid-19 Level 2

New Zealand is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 2.  These are the limitations to business I will be operating under during this time:

  • Continue to expect delivery times to be slower, couriers are doing far more work than usual.
  • I will now resume sending parcels overseas but will only be sending on one day a week. Please expect longer times to delivery as a result.
  • I now offer a couple of options for PO Box and rural deliveries. The cheapest options will not ship immediately, like international parcels they’ll only be sent once a week. The more expensive option utilises a courier and will see your parcel dispatched as soon as possible.
  • Local (Dunedin) contactless pickup continues. 
  • Visits to Vintage Purls are still not possible.

I will still have difficulty replenishing some stock: 

  • KnitPro is the worst affected. I won’t be able to get new stock till at least July.
  • ChiaoGoo stock is okay at present and I’m making regular orders.
  • Many of my notions are imported from America, which obviously is significantly affected by COVID-19 at this time. Supply is still possible at this stage and has been not hugely delayed recently.
  • Schoppel-Wolle is something I import from Germany. They don’t have a lot in stock at present and the manufacturing dates are some months out so I don’t expect good supply for a while yet.
  • Vintage Purls Yarn is manufactured in NZ, there should be no significant shortages in the short term but, as usual, I can’t always keep up with demand in terms of dyeing. I have more Sock base coming in August, I might run out before then depending on demand.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. xx Morag

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COVID-19 Level 3

New Zealand is presently at COVID-19 Alert Level 3. In the level 3 environment Vintage Purls is able to trade again. However, it will not be business as usual for a while. There are a good number of restrictions still in place.

  • Expect delivery times to be slower, couriers will still prioritise medical, pharmaceutical and educational goods before other items.
  • I will only be sending items to New Zealand addresses (no international shipping).
  • I cannot ship to PO boxes or private bags, please provide a street address. I have determined that I can send to PO Boxes by NZ Post Courier. The charge is higher than regular shipping. Unless you are rural it will be more economical to use a street address.
  • The cost of rural shipping has increased because I will be sending those items by courier rather than regular post.
  • The cost of regular shipping has increased a little to reflect changes in the cost of shipping, I can no longer afford to absorb these increases.
  • Local (Dunedin) contactless pickup is available (but requires careful adherence to safety protocols).
  • Visits to Vintage Purls are not possible.

I may have difficulty replenishing some stock:

  • KnitPro is manufactured in India and I import directly from the factory. They are currently closed due to lockdown measures there.
  • ChiaoGoo are manufactured in China, they have already warned of some supply issues but at this stage supply is still possible.
  • Many of my notions are imported from America, which obviously is significantly affected by COVID-19 at this time. Supply still appears possible at this stage but will almost certainly be slower.
  • Schoppel-wolle is something I import from Germany. I haven’t been notified of supply issues yet, but with anything coming from offshore, expect significant delays.
  • Vintage Purls Yarn is manufactured in NZ and I have good supply of most of my bases at present, so there should be no significant shortages there in the short term (though, I can’t always keep up with demand when dying in the best of times).

Thank you for all your support and understanding. xx Morag

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Update 16 April:

In anticipation of a reduction in COVID-19 alert level, I will allow payments again very soon so that orders may be placed to be shipped as soon as that is possible. I’m awaiting the government advice re level 3 that is expected today before I make a final decision about how I proceed.

Update 25 March:

My courier has now informed me that they are unable to transport any non-essential goods, so for as long as New Zealand remains at Alert Level 4 (estimated to be 4 weeks at this time) I will be unable to process orders. I have disabled the payment options on my website. You can browse and add to cart or wish lists, but you will not be able to checkout till lockdown is over.

March 24th 2020:

Please note that while New Zealand battles COVID-19, visits of any kind to Vintage Purls are NOT possible.

Under alert level 4 it also isn’t possible to order for local pickup – It’s important that we limit entry to our property so as to limit everyone’s exposure to contamination.

Delivery options within New Zealand will remain so long my couriers are willing to carry non-essential goods. Please be mindful that delays may occur in delivery during this period.

International orders are not possible at this time.

Rural and PO Box delivery may well be more difficult for me to achieve than urban addresses.

This is a time of great uncertainty and what is and isn’t possible will change regularly. I am a non-essential business, it is a privilege for me to keep operating in this environment and only possible because I work from home and can maintain strict self-isolation.

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Christmas 2018

VP will be taking a break for Christmas and the new year, the last day I will ship out for December is the 21st.

I’m completely on holiday between Christmas and New Year.

I’ll spend the bulk of January taking a break too. But I will ship out at least one day a week between January 1st and 18th and I’ll answer emails sporadically too. There will be no stock updates during this time.

Normal business will resume on the 21st of January.

I hope you have a relaxing and restorative holiday break. Thank you for all your support in 2018.



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Now We Are Ten

Maybe you’ve seen the “10 Years” stickers on orders this year?

In February I released Decennium to mark the 10th anniversary of VP being incorporated as a company. Today’s birthday milestone is a little more exciting for me, today is what I consider the true anniversary of the birth of Vintage Purls, the business.

Back in 2008, incorporation was the official beginning of Vintage Purls as a retailing company but it wasn’t the start of trading for me. It took some time to get all my ducks in a row and to develop stock and a shop online. April 10 was the day I launched Vintage Purls more or less as we know it today:

That day was the “big leap”, the public commitment. It was exciting and scary and it’s astonishing to me that I’ve been doing this for ten years now.

I would not, of course, have been doing this for ten years without amazing support from the NZ knit community. I think it’s only fair that we have some presents to mark this milestone. Not presents for me, presents for you!

Every purchase here online between today and May 10th puts you in the draw to win $200 shop credit! That’s right, if you win you can spend $200 via the VP site on almost anything you like*.

Additionally I’ll have prize giveaways every week for the rest of this month too. Be sure to follow VP on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, to see how you can win. And if you sign up to the VP email list you’ll get be in for a chance to win other prizes, just by being on the list.

Aren’t Birthday’s fun? 😁



*Anything in stock, so the credit can’t be used on Majacraft products.







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Today is an important day for me:

Certificate of Incorporation

To celebrate, I have finally released the Fair Isle hat pattern I’ve personally been making for a year. Introducing Decennium:


For the next ten days, you can buy a copy for just 10 cents!

The online shop for Vintage Purls didn’t go live till early April 2008, so maybe there will be another little celebration then. 🙂


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Rural Shipping

New Zealand Post has decided to extend its rural surcharge for shipping from the 1st of February. Consequently the costs of shipping to rural addresses are about to increase significantly. For a decade I have treated rural addresses the same as any other in NZ but sadly this isn’t a viable option any more and so from February 1st, rural orders will incur a surcharge to cover the additional cost. The extra costs will be visible at checkout once your address is entered, you will be fully informed of the cost before you commit to your purchase.

I would encourage those of you who reside in rural areas to consider having your orders shipped to a non-rural address if at all possible. Perhaps you have a work address, or a relative or friend whom you visit often that could act as a receiver for you.

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Gift Guide Christmas 2017

It’s super easy to choose a great Christmas gift for the Knitter in your life. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you make a decision from all that is on offer here at Vintage Purls.

Let Them Choose

VP Ball of YarnIf you have no idea what your Knitter needs and you’d like to let them choose something for themselves then a gift voucher is the way to go.

This is also the perfect solution for last minute shoppers – pay by credit card (or PayPal) and your gift certificate will be with you mere seconds later.

Send it to your recipient by email if you are feeling super eco-friendly or print it out and pop it in a nice envelope.


ChiaoGoo Twist 5" Interchangeable Complete Set
ChiaoGoo Twist 5″ Interchangeable Complete Set

Great tools make a Knitter’s life so much more enjoyable. The average knit item contains literally thousands of stitches. When you repeat an action so often it only makes sense to do so with the best tools you can afford. ChiaoGoo sets provide beautiful collections of superb quality knitting needles.

They come in metal and wood (have a look to see what your knitter uses now) and in a complete set or in a smaller set which can be added to later if need be. There are even sets of very tiny needles for those Knitters who do really fine work.

The 5″ Twist Small Set is incredibly popular but if you aren’t sure what your Knitter needs, get in touch and I’ll try to help you find out what will be best. If we still get it wrong, don’t worry, your purchase can be returned and we can make sure your Knitter gets exactly what they need.

Have you ever been asked by a knitter to hold a skein while it’s wound? Your Knitter needs a swift! Swifts hold a skein and allow it to be easily balled up. Add a ball winder to the package and your Knitter will zoom through their skeins in no time.


Zauberball Crazy - Wolke 8
Zauberball Crazy – Wolke 8

A Knitter can’t get enough yarn, its our lifeblood. Not sure what colour to buy? Open you Knitter’s wardrobe and see what colours they wear – that’s often a really good indication of what they’d like.

A single skein of Sock yarn will make something useful (like Socks, a shawlette, or a hat and gloves), buy three or four skeins and then something much larger can be made.

A ball of Zauberball makes a great stocking stuffer or modest present for your Knitter. There are heaps of colours to choose from. If your Knitter likes to knit socks, choose a kind with nylon in it.

Hand-dyed yarn is always special and it’s something we do well. If your Knitter likes to knit fine shawls a skein of VP Lace will be appreciated. Sock, baby wear and accessory Knitters will delight in a skein of VP Sock. Those who knit for kids will definitely get use out of some skeins of Max. And for those who appreciate some luxury, Superstar is ideal.

Does your Knitter live somewhere that gets really cold in winter? Help them get super toasty with a gift of Outlaw Bohemia Sport. This yarn contains possum, alpaca and wool so it’s incredibly warm and cosy. Also an ideal stocking stuffer. One ball will make a small accessory, buy two or more for something larger.


You’ll find some great little things to make Knitter’s smile filed under the “cute” tag. Novelty tape measures, temporary tattoos, cushion covers, we’ve got all sorts of things!

Grant a Wish

Your Knitter might have a wishlist here on Vintage Purls. Wishlists can be shared or made public so you can find our what they really want.

Find Wishlists under the My Account menu.

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November News

I will be away for most of next week.

I’ll be mailing out on Monday 6th of November and very early Tuesday morning. But orders submitted Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th of November won’t ship till Monday 13th.

Use the code DELAYEDGRATIFICATION to receive free shipping on any NZ order over $25 from the 7th to the 10th of November.

There wil not be a yarn update on Friday this coming week.

Normal service will resume next week. I’m off to the North Island for a few days in the hope of walking the Tongariro Crossing (weather permitting).

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A Fresh New Look

Welcome to VP’s new website! It’s been a long time coming (the old site was very old), but that’s true of almost everything when you’re a small, one-woman business.

I hope you see some improvements that you can enjoy. I’d love your feedback if you do struggle with some aspect – I can’t fix what I don’t know about, and all feedback is really valuable.

Here are some new features I think you’ll like:

  • More ways to pay. If you prefer not to use PayPal, we can process your credit card via a NZ based service now.
  • Better wishlists – you can now make lots of different wishlists. Make a wishlists public or share one by email or keep it entirely private to you. Wishlists are a great way to inform family and friends about what you’d like for your next birthday or for Christmas.
  • Online Gift Certificate purchases. This is now automatic (no more emailing me to do it manually). Order a gift certificate in the value of your choosing and it will be ready for you right away (if you pay by credit card or PayPal).
  • Streamlined product listing. Hopefully it’s easier to shop now. I’ve been able to reduce the number of product listings down and provide more options within a listing. This is especially effective in the needle-stock listings. I hope you find it saves you some time.
  • Filter by brand or tag. If you’re only interested in one brand of needle, or you only want to see yarns that contain silk, then use the Filter by Brand or Search by Tag options to reduce the choices you see and find just the right thing.
  • A brighter and cleaner look. A spring-clean is always cathartic. The new look isn’t a radical change but it is just a little fresher.

I’ll be continuing to update and improve the website as time goes on, I do hope to make Vintage Purls NZ’s best online boutique knitting shopping experience.

I’d like to thank you all for your amazing and continued support. 2017 is Vintage Purls’ 9th year in business and I’m keenly planning for our 10th birthday already.

xx Morag