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With just a short time till registrations for this year’s Knit August Nights open, I have noticed that (as of writing) there is no available list of traders and that it will be helpful for some people if I clarify that I am not attending KAN in any capacity.

I will not be teaching nor trading at any foreseeable KAN event.

I’m not arrogant enough to believe that anyone attends KAN just to interact with me. 🙂 But I understand that because I did attend KAN for ten years in a row that some people assume I’ll be there.

The list of traders at this year’s KAN will likely look quite different to previous events. If the shopping element of the event is particularly of interest to you, you might want to seek out the details of those trading.

Why have I ceased my involvement with KAN? In short, my personal ethical and moral code is not upheld by continuing involvement with the event. I do absolutely believe that it is entirely possible to have professional, constructive and healthy relationships with people who have different views to oneself but there are limits. My limits may be different to your limits, I’m not telling you this as a way of instructing you what to do, think, or feel.

11 thoughts on “KAN

  1. Bravo. And thank you.

  2. Good on you Morag. I’m completely oblivious to anything going on with KAN but I support you in taking your stand ❤

  3. Tautoko

  4. What’s right and what’s popular are two different things. Thank you for taking a stand for what is right!

  5. I think I know what you’re talking about, there was a bit of an eye opening moment for me this week so I’m changing some of my purchasing habits as a result.

  6. Glad to hear your values align with mine. Thanks Morag.

  7. Fantastic news, thanks for taking a stand.

  8. Thank you for being open and transparent with your decision.

    Leaves no room for speculation

  9. Kudos to you for standing up for what you believe in.

  10. Good move. Glad your values don’t align with that.

  11. Thank-you for your integrity and for taking a stand.
    I think many are coming to the realisation that it IS more than “just about the knitting” and adjusting behaviour – and patronage – as a result.

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