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Covid 19 – Level 4

We’re back to level 4 which means:

  • Orders can be placed but they cannot be sent until we are out of level 4. (At level 3 only courier delivery is possible, so even then not all orders can be sent. Please expect significant delays in receiving any order placed in the near term.)
  • Visits of any kind to Vintage Purls are not possible. 
  • It also is not possible to order for local pickup. Stay at home.
  • I am a not an essential business, nor will I be pretending I am to apply for any kind of exemption to the rules.

Stay well, stay safe. Enjoy your bubble. If you are an essential worker: thank you so much for the extra load you carry at these times, you are marvellous.

Let’s give this our all and get back to the covid-free life we have enjoyed so much in the last year.

5 thoughts on “Covid 19 – Level 4

  1. A thank you Morag, for sharing your project during a retreat a couple of years ago. Cynthia’s Bear pattern. I was curious enough to look it up. Purchased the pattern, and gifted the result complete with wardrobe to a daughter-in-law who passed it on to a friend with a newborn. I have since knitted several of Cynthia’s Bunny Odile for Christmas presents for granddaughters and a ‘just because’ present. I enjoy the challenge of knitting in the round producing a one piece completed animal with no sewing up.
    The patterns are very well written – another plus.
    Again, thank you Morag.

    Janice Bewick

    1. Thanks Janice. Those patterns are a delight, aren’t they? We all loved making our bears and I have some of her others in my to-do list. xx

  2. Thanks Morag – happy to wait. Thinking of the nice surprises that will eventually arrive is one way of getting thru. It’s no fun but the alternative is unbearable. L

  3. Hello, if i order the yarn, at level 3 , is it able to send to auckland

    1. I can have the courier collect it, I believe they will endeavour to deliver it, but it’s really at their discretion. I’d advise waiting to hear if there are new tighter level 4 restrictions announced today.

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