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Christmas Hours 2021

I’m on holiday from December 24, 2021 and return to work on January 17th, 2022.

Orders can be placed during this time but they will not be shipped till my return to work.

My very best wishes to you; may joy, love, and good health be with you now and throughout the coming year.


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Covid Traffic Light System

From Friday 3rd of December 2021, we’ll be operating under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (aka the Traffic Light System). At all levels Vintage Purls will process and send orders as normal, contactless pickup of orders is also sustained. The only differing considerations are around visits to shop in person. There is a practical limit to the number of people that can visit due to the size of the shop. Please discuss the numbers wishing to come when you arrange your appointment to visit.


Visits aren’t possible (this is because I work from home and we’d prefer to minimise the risk of having people through our personal space at this level).

Orange & Green

Visits are possible (by appointment). You are required to wear a mask and produce your Vaccine Pass. (1m distancing is required at orange level.)

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Covid – Level 2

Dunedin is now at alert level 2. Which means:

  • Orders can be sent by courier services and New Zealand Post as normal but you should still expect some delays in transit.
  • Contactless pickup remains available BUT please do continue to be very mindful that you are collecting from our home property. You practice social distancing, wear a mask, and make your time on our section as short as possible.
  • I’m being very careful around visits at the moment. I absolutely cannot see groups of people (my space is not large enough to accommodate multiple people with appropriate distancing). By appointment I will consider individuals on a case by case basis (vaccination, mask wearing and social distancing is required). Please get in touch to discuss this.
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Covid – Level 3

Dunedin will drop to alert level 3 on Wednesday 1st September. Which means that from then:

  • Orders can be sent by courier services but expect significant delays in transit.
  • Contactless pickup is once more available BUT please be very mindful that you are collecting from our home property. You should wear a mask, not touch anything you don’t need to and make your time on our section as short as possible. If you live some way away, consider using a shipping service to minimise unnecessary travel.
  • Visits of any kind to Vintage Purls are not possible. I cannot see you in person.

Remember that Level 3 is really just like level 4 but with a little more shopping. Continue to stay safe in your bubble.

My sincere gratitude to the people of Auckland for making sacrifices that keep the rest of Aotearoa safe.

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Covid 19 – Level 4

We’re back to level 4 which means:

  • Orders can be placed but they cannot be sent until we are out of level 4. (At level 3 only courier delivery is possible, so even then not all orders can be sent. Please expect significant delays in receiving any order placed in the near term.)
  • Visits of any kind to Vintage Purls are not possible. 
  • It also is not possible to order for local pickup. Stay at home.
  • I am a not an essential business, nor will I be pretending I am to apply for any kind of exemption to the rules.

Stay well, stay safe. Enjoy your bubble. If you are an essential worker: thank you so much for the extra load you carry at these times, you are marvellous.

Let’s give this our all and get back to the covid-free life we have enjoyed so much in the last year.

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With just a short time till registrations for this year’s Knit August Nights open, I have noticed that (as of writing) there is no available list of traders and that it will be helpful for some people if I clarify that I am not attending KAN in any capacity.

I will not be teaching nor trading at any foreseeable KAN event.

I’m not arrogant enough to believe that anyone attends KAN just to interact with me. 🙂 But I understand that because I did attend KAN for ten years in a row that some people assume I’ll be there.

The list of traders at this year’s KAN will likely look quite different to previous events. If the shopping element of the event is particularly of interest to you, you might want to seek out the details of those trading.

Why have I ceased my involvement with KAN? In short, my personal ethical and moral code is not upheld by continuing involvement with the event. I do absolutely believe that it is entirely possible to have professional, constructive and healthy relationships with people who have different views to oneself but there are limits. My limits may be different to your limits, I’m not telling you this as a way of instructing you what to do, think, or feel.

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VP Christmas Hours

The last day I’ll ship out for the year is Wednesday 23rd of December. Items sent that day probably will not reach you in time for Christmas.

Please order Christmas items by December 18th (and keep a keen eye on the tracking to ensure it’s progressing as it should). Earlier is better, couriers will be much in demand.

Then I’m taking a good long break and will be back on board come January 21st. The website won’t stop taking orders, but don’t expect to receive them till I’ve returned to work.

Wishing you a lovely holiday season!

Morag xx

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Covid-19 Level 2 Again

New Zealand once again has cases of covid-19 in the community so we’ve amped up our precautions again. While Auckland is at level 3, the rest of NZ, including VP here in Dunedin is at level 2. This means:

  • Delivery times may be slower, couriers are likely to be doing more work than usual.
  • International parcels will only be sent on one or two days a week. Please expect longer times to delivery as a result.
  • I offer a couple of options for PO Box and rural deliveries. The cheapest options will not ship immediately, like international parcels they’ll only be sent once or twice a week. The more expensive option utilises a courier and will see your parcel dispatched as soon as possible.
  • Local (Dunedin) contactless pickup continues as normal.
  • Visits to Vintage Purls may not be possible, please contact me but do not be offended if I am unable to accommodate you.

Hopefully our swift action will see us get this under control quickly. Stay safe. x

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Covid-19 Level 1

New Zealand is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 1.  We currently have no active cases! Business can now return to normal.

  • I will keep the multiple options for PO Box and rural deliveries. The cheapest option will ship by a slower method. The more expensive option utilises a courier and should see your parcel arrive with you promptly.
  • Local (Dunedin) contactless pickup continues to be an option. 
  • Visits to Vintage Purls are once again possible by appointment. Get in touch to make a time to visit. 

I will still have difficulty replenishing some stock so long as the rest of the world is significantly affected by covid.