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Covid – Level 3

Dunedin will drop to alert level 3 on Wednesday 1st September. Which means that from then:

  • Orders can be sent by courier services but expect significant delays in transit.
  • Contactless pickup is once more available BUT please be very mindful that you are collecting from our home property. You should wear a mask, not touch anything you don’t need to and make your time on our section as short as possible. If you live some way away, consider using a shipping service to minimise unnecessary travel.
  • Visits of any kind to Vintage Purls are not possible. I cannot see you in person.

Remember that Level 3 is really just like level 4 but with a little more shopping. Continue to stay safe in your bubble.

My sincere gratitude to the people of Auckland for making sacrifices that keep the rest of Aotearoa safe.

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