I’m offering online versions of some of my classes! You can join from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Inside the Toolbox

Come and learn what’s inside my knitting toolbox! Available free on Youtube:


Knit to Fit

Did you know that most women’s knitting garment patterns are written for a B cup bust? What if you are bigger than a B? Or smaller? Learn how to alter a garment to fit your unique shape well. I’ll teach you all my personal tricks for achieving a great fit not only in the bust, but for the entire upper body.

Although this class is aimed at those with “non-standard” body types, it is for anyone who wants a great fit. Whatever your unique shape is, this class will give you the tools to alter a pattern to fit you.

After the event you’ll receive a link to a video recording of the content. You receive a comprehensive hand about and a separate body measurements sheet you can print whenever you need to take those details for a project.

If you attend the event live you can ask questions throughout.

3 hours, $40

Next offering: to be advised


Make the Cut – Learn to Steek

Take scissors to your knitting! Being able to steek your knitting can open a whole new world of knitting possibilities. Trust me, it’s not nearly as complicated and scary as it sounds.

Steeks aren’t just the realm of colourwork knitters, they’re an efficient and sensible option for openings in any fabric that is most easily knit in the round. Come and learn all sorts of scenarios where they can make your knitting life easier and just how straight-forward the process is when you know what to do.

Participants get a handout, detailed instructions for a “My First Steek” project, and access to recordings of this class. I also offer a 1 hour follow-up session a fortnight after class so you have time to work the project supplied and come back with any questions that may arise from your practical experience.

2.5 hours (plus 1 hour follow-up), $40

Next offering: to be advised