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COVID-19 Level 3

New Zealand is presently at COVID-19 Alert Level 3. In the level 3 environment Vintage Purls is able to trade again. However, it will not be business as usual for a while. There are a good number of restrictions still in place.

  • Expect delivery times to be slower, couriers will still prioritise medical, pharmaceutical and educational goods before other items.
  • I will only be sending items to New Zealand addresses (no international shipping).
  • I cannot ship to PO boxes or private bags, please provide a street address. I have determined that I can send to PO Boxes by NZ Post Courier. The charge is higher than regular shipping. Unless you are rural it will be more economical to use a street address.
  • The cost of rural shipping has increased because I will be sending those items by courier rather than regular post.
  • The cost of regular shipping has increased a little to reflect changes in the cost of shipping, I can no longer afford to absorb these increases.
  • Local (Dunedin) contactless pickup is available (but requires careful adherence to safety protocols).
  • Visits to Vintage Purls are not possible.

I may have difficulty replenishing some stock:

  • KnitPro is manufactured in India and I import directly from the factory. They are currently closed due to lockdown measures there.
  • ChiaoGoo are manufactured in China, they have already warned of some supply issues but at this stage supply is still possible.
  • Many of my notions are imported from America, which obviously is significantly affected by COVID-19 at this time. Supply still appears possible at this stage but will almost certainly be slower.
  • Schoppel-wolle is something I import from Germany. I haven’t been notified of supply issues yet, but with anything coming from offshore, expect significant delays.
  • Vintage Purls Yarn is manufactured in NZ and I have good supply of most of my bases at present, so there should be no significant shortages there in the short term (though, I can’t always keep up with demand when dying in the best of times).

Thank you for all your support and understanding. xx Morag

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Level 3

  1. Just so you know – in regards to Zauberball coming from Germany, I have a good friend in Germany who has a parcel she wants to send to me, they are currently unable to send parcels to Australia, NZ or US. We can ship to them though. Not sure when this will change but details are on the NZ post website as to what shipping restrictions are currently happening.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. A larger problem at the moment with Schoppel-Wolle stock is the factory doesn’t have much in stock and production dates for most items are quite distant. All stock outside of NZ will be a struggle for a while, I think.

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