KnitPro Interchangeable Needle Tips – Regular Length


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Regular length KnitPro interchangeable needle tips can be used with all cable lengths except 40cm (in order to make 40cm long needles, choose the special short tips instead).

Symfonie Wood: layers of laminated Birch wood give these needle tips a strength that is missing in regular wooden needles. The stability allows KnitPro to shape sharp points- particularly nice for lace knitting. Being wood, the burnished surface has a slight grip so slick yarns like mohair and angora don’t slip off at the wrong time. This quality also makes them an excellent choice for beginning knitters, who often have trouble keeping stitches on the needles.

Nova Metal: nickel-plated tips with a glass-like surface allowing your stitches to move freely, while the hollow brass tube is lightweight for hours of comfortable knitting. These are the slickest, quickest tips that KnitPro make – for those who like to speed along.

Zing Metal: light, strong aluminium needles which are colour coded by size. Satin finished so they aren’t as slippery as the glossy Nova tips. The Zing range is colour-coded for easy identification:
3.50mm (US 4) Chrysolite
3.75mm (US 5) Amethyst
4.00mm (US 6) Sapphire
4.50mm (US 7) Iolite
5.00mm (US 8) Ruby
5.50mm (US 9) Sienna
6.00mm (US 10) Purple Velvet
6.50mm (US 10.5) Coral
7.00mm (US 10.75) Amethyst
8.00mm (US 11) Emerald

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Weight .015 g
Dimensions 22.5 × 5 × 1 mm

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