KnitPro Interchangeable Needle Cables


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Set of 1 Cable, 2 End Caps & 1 Cable Key.

Colour-coded cables:
  • 40cm – Yellow
  • 50cm – Blue
  • 60cm – Neon Green
  • 80cm – Orange
  • 100cm – Red
  • 120cm and 150cm cables are not available in the colour-coded range.

Cables are labelled by the size of needle they make when tips are connected. The actual length of the cable is shorter. 40cm cables can only be used with short tips.

  • Highly flexible cables that do not kink.
  • Smooth joins.
  • Long threaded screw-in “join” insures that cable and needles stay connected
  • Tightening hole and “key” provided for extra secure tightening.
  • Tightening hole also allows easy insertion of “life-lines” to your knitting.
  • End caps to screw on cable and keep knitting safe when tips are removed. Ideal for when you want to try a garment on, or if you need to “borrow” tips for another project.
Length Stated On Packet Actual Cable Length Length with Regular tips attached Length with short tips attached
40cm 20cm N/A 40cm / 16″
50cm 28cm 50cm / 20″ 48cm
60cm 35cm 60cm / 24″ 55cm
80cm 56cm 80cm / 32″ 76cm
100cm 76cm 100cm / 40″ 96cm
120cm 94cm 120cm / 47″ 114cm
150cm 126cm 150cm / 60″ 146cm

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 10 mm

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