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30g pottle of non-toxic dye powder suitable for protein fibres.

Requires acid (vinegar, or citric acid) and heat to set.

Samples shown are dyed at 2% DOS on superwash yarn, you can dye both darker and lighter shades by adjusting the proportion of dye you use. Different yarn bases will yield different colour results. Dyes can be mixed to make a vast range of shades.

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30g pottle of non-toxic dye powder suitable for use with protein fibres (e.g. wool, alpaca, silk, nylon).

Safe to use in your kitchen when accompanied by a food grade acid such as vinegar or citric acid. Dyes all protein fibres. Dye is not permanent until set with heat and acid (e.g. vinegar or citric acid). It is still advisable to keep separate containers and implements for dyeing but these dyes are much safer than  most wool dyes and are suitable for use with children.

2g dyes 100g of yarn or fibre to the intensity shown in the images here. Use much less for paler shades, more for stronger colour. A little goes a long way with these intensely coloured powders. Dyes can be mixed for a broad range of colours.

Set these dyes on wool and other protein fibres with heat and acid.

If you are new to dyeing, have a look at the following resources to get you started:

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